Message from Nerio Alessandri, President & Founder of Technogym

Dear friends and partners,

I hope all of you and your families are well.

After months of emergency and concern, many countries see a weakening of the virus and the situation is rapidly approaching normality.

I would like to share with you entrepreneurs the importance of promoting messages of confidence to our customers and teams. It is crucial to curb to a minimum the impact of restrictions and avoid psychological barriers that undermine the quality of our customer experience; people must be given freedom, and they will behave responsibly.

As I already shared in my message a few weeks ago, several key elements are proof of our sector’s great development potential, now more than ever.

First of all, health has risen to the top of the list of people’s priorities, and exercising regularly means being in better shape, healthier, and more energetic. After months of forced sedentary life and the connected health damage, people crave to return to your clubs as they are among the safest public places available. The emergency has accelerated the digital transformation, the fitness industry is particularly open to innovation in this sense and offers to you operators new business opportunities to grasp the great development potential.

Short-term concerns are understandable, but I am sure that the situation will go back to normal soon. Now is the time to prepare long-term strategies and be ready to surf the Wellness Economy.

I want to thank you all and congratulate all operators who – as always, and in particular in this period – have shown commitment and passion for the fitness, sports, and health industry.

Technogym is by your side!

Warm regards,
Nerio Alessandri